Autumn Son

This is a portrait of my youngest son.

He was the child that arrived 5 years after the initial flood of babies coming into our home ended.

We had our first son almost a year into our marriage.  Just shy of 2 years later we welcomed our next son.  Following 2 more years and 2 miscarriages we welcomed...2 more sons, twins.

It was a time of so many highs and so many lows that time flew on blurry wings and suddenly we woke from our sleep deprived haze of early parenthood. We didn't have a baby anymore. We didn't have 4 babies anymore.

We decided that there was room for another and we welcomed, into a much calmer stage of life, our last beautiful boy.

He came late, came in what would be a storm of doctors, alarms, of IV's, crash carts and the most traumatic emergency delivery I could have expected and still come out with my child and my life.

But he came; and in October after the fire of summer surrendered. He brought the milder sun, the gentle breezes, the time of year when I slow down and sense the changing air and it feels new again.  

© 2017 Crystal Despain