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  • From My Garden



    "We bought a new home. Again, it happens a lot. “Occupational Hazard” we call it (my husband is a real estate agent and investor).


    We moved from a smallish yard without a lot to care for to an acre plus of flower beds and fruit trees. It is the Garden of Eden with a weed problem. The last owners did a great job and I am trying to keep up. Between the kids and I we are collectively pulling about 1000 weeds daily. Yep. Now, I’m optimistic we will find a better solution soon, but for now we play zone defense and pretend like there isn't a thorn clad army of infiltrators laughing at us from the far end of the forever yard.


    It’s been good for me.


    I have learned a little bit about looking past the weeds to enjoy the flowers. It would be easy to focus on the thistle that shot up 3 feet over night and not even notice the blooms."

    • 8 x 10 inches, Oil on Linen, Framed Original, 2019


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