Somewhere in Honduras

Somewhere in Honduras



"My husband spent a couple of years serving and teaching in Honduras after highschool. After we were married and expecting our second baby we decided to visit his old stomping grounds.

When some people visit Honduras they disembark a cruise ship and enjoy a lovely day on a lovely beach. We went to what my husband calls, “The armpit of the armpit of central America.” In my newly pregnant state, I must have thrown up on every working bus and dirt road we came across.


I missed my son. I listened to hours of conversation I couldn’t really understand. We sat on dirt floors, we shared transportation with livestock. We ate food that made us sick.  We narrowly escaped an ambush by machine gun wielding jungle bandits.


But it was such a good trip. 


I got to see how much the people loved my husband and loved to share what little they had with us. I got to see greens I had rarely experienced and rain that caved and spilled like the sky had broken under its own weight."


  • 11 x 14 in, Oil on Linen, Framed Original, 2017